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Raise Money:

Via Donation Drives, Events, Thrift Shop Operations, Raffles and Partnerships. Picture of Shops/ Event.

Identify and Support Great Work:

  • Carefully screen local charities who are working with our target beneficiaries
  • Understand their specific needs
  • Subject them to our rigorous Donor Assurance Programme (link to DA)
  • Fund their work

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Donor Assurance

Donor Assurance is designed to give those who support us financially, full assurance that their funds are well utilized and indeed change lives. We report back to our donors, regularly and transparently, celebrating what succeeded and learning from what did not


Lives Changed

Ongoing Projects

Yemisi Alogi Orphanage and Children’s Home ( YAOCH) was established in Abeokuta in 2014. The orphanage has 10 children who were abandoned at birth or shortly after and two special needs adults. Their ages range from 6 months to 25 years. The orphanage has been given a quit notice to leave present rented premises by December 2022. They have already secured land for a permanent home . Donate and help them complete it


  • Save the Child is an orphanage home and pregnancy crisis centre that has been in operation since 2004. registered with the Ministry of Women Affairs and Vulnerable Group, Owerri Imo State with Registration No. 0394 and also with Corporate Affairs Commission Federal Republic of Nigeria with Registration No. CAC/IT/NO71765 They advocate against abortion and encourage birth. They encourage the mother the take care of the child and if not possible, consider adoption to qualified and eligible applicants, who have gone through the various legal processes.
  • They also have school children that are being trained by the home and few teenagers who are in school. Their founder recently passed away.

Fund Donation

  • Food for 5 orphans for a week or
  • Nappies and formula for an abandoned baby 2 months or
  • Monthly maintenance allowance for an orphaned university student

  • Initial medical checks for an abandoned baby
  • Food FOR 12 orphans for a week/ monthly food pack for vulnerable family of 6
  • New wheelchair for a polio victim

  • Medical bill for a injured victim of domestic violence
  • School unforms, shoes and bag for 3 orphans
  • 50% of tuition fee of orphaned university student

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