Sam's Story

A silent, clearly malnourished, child, was found abandoned outside Orile-Agege Local Community Development Area (LCDA) office, June 2019. Staff fed him and waited, a whole day, expecting mother to return, before alerting Lagos State Ministry of Women’s Affairs and Social Welfare who called an orphanage.


Orphanage staff picked him from the LCDA office at 9pm. He was totally unable to communicate and showed signs of trauma, becoming visibly distressed at loud noises and initially clinging to staff if they left the room.


Named Samuel by the orphanage, his birthday is now June 11, the day he was found. He has responded very well to care. The original estimated age of 18 months was later revised when, within a year of proper nutrition and care, his cognitive skills suggested him to be closer to 4 years old.


Where we are now

Sam is a boisterous, football loving, 5 year old with a cheeky smile. He has started school and is progressing well academically and socially.


*Not real name


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