More Protection for Domestic Violence Overcomers

WHHI is a domestic violence shelter, providing safety and support to women in desperate need of relief from domestic violence. As well as providing emergency shelter, they train and rehabilitate those they work with.

12 Orphans Kept Learning During Lockdown

Lifesource Children’s Development Foundation funded  the monthly wages of the residential home-school teacher for a year as well as covering some medical expenses and providing needed equipment for the home school

4 Trafficked Women Get a Fresh Start

Sought After Women- specialises in the shelter and rehabilitation of women who have been trafficked or exposed to domestic violence.  They provide training and start-up capital to allow these brave women to restart their lives

New Kitchen Equipment to Serve 25 Orphans

4 Orphaned University Students Get Financial Support

Takes care of 30  children who were orphaned or are in need of short-term care due to unavailability or sickness of the parent. Some are adopted from the home, whilst others remain long-term. A number of older residents are presently pursuing tertiary education or vocational training.

30 New Wheelchairs For Polio Victims in Nassarawa

Wheelchairs for Nigeria provides made in Nigeria we have supported the provision of wheelchairs in Kano, Nassarawa, and Cross River States. These young people were previously housebound and destined for a life of begging. They are now able to attend schools or develop vocational skills and have a chance of a sustainable means of livelihood.

Modern Therapy Room Will Support 35 Special Needs

Cares for 38 children of whom some  40% have special needs. Cerebral Palsy is an area of specialism. This debilitating disease requires specialist care and results in lower-income parents simply dumping the children in public places. Peculiar Saints requested funds for the building and equipping of a dedicated multi-sensory therapy room.

New Prosthetic Limbs & Start Up Capital For Amputees

Run by an incredible double amputee who is using her skills to help others. This foundation provides prosthetic limbs, medical and psychological  counselling, love and life-skills for other amputees.