Nutritional Support for the monthly Children’s Meetings with Jakin NGO

Thanks to the generous contribution from St. Saviors, a donation of dried food items was provided to Jakin NGO. This support directly benefited the monthly children’s meetings, where valuable lessons, vocational training, and essential provisions, including food and transportation, are extended to vulnerable children. We are delighted to have played a role in sustaining this meaningful initiative.


DashMe Plus 1 Program Launch: Grateful for the Generous Support from St. Saviors

Expressing gratitude to St. Saviors Schools, Ikoyi, for being the inaugural participant in our Plus 1 Program for schools. This initiative is dedicated to nurturing a charitable spirit among students. The remarkable turnout from St. Saviors enabled us to fulfill Christmas wishes with gifts, food donations, clothes, and toys for numerous orphanages.

Comfort and Care: Generous Donation of Bunk Beds and a New Fridge to Yaoch Orphanage

We take pride in our recent contribution to YAOCH, providing essential bunk beds for improved sleeping arrangements and a new fridge to aid in food preservation. These additions not only create a more comfortable living environment for the wonderful children but also contribute to their overall well-being. The joy expressed by the kids upon receiving both the bunk beds and fridge is truly heartwarming, and we are grateful to have made a positive impact on their lives.

DashMe @ Tarkwa

In a festive collaboration with Erin Foundation, DashMe embarked on a mission to bring the Christmas spirit to the wonderful people in the Tarkwa community. Together, we provided gifts, clothes, and toys, creating a joyous atmosphere. To add to the festivities, a delightful Christmas party was organised, making the season brighter for the children. It was a heartwarming celebration of giving, spreading smiles and creating lasting memories for the people in this wonderful community.

DashMe @ IDP

In collaboration with CSM Nigeria, DashMe extended a helping hand to internally displaced children who have been significantly impacted by the challenges in the North. Recognizing the pressing need for assistance, we dedicated ourselves to providing support by donating multiple bags of clothes to the vulnerable children at the IDP camps in Yola. It is our commitment to bring comfort and relief to those facing difficult circumstances, offering them warmth and a sense of care during challenging times.

Christmas Joy in Motion: DashMe Gifts Wheelchairs to Two Amputees

In collaboration with Feet of Grace, DashMe learned about two amputees in need of wheelchairs to enhance their mobility. We were thrilled to contribute to this mission, facilitating improved movement for both individuals. This support reflects our commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of those facing mobility challenges, and we are grateful for the opportunity to assist in this meaningful endeavor.

DashMe Spreads Joy: Sharing Gifts with Vulnerable Children in the Community.

DashMe took to the streets with a heartfelt mission, sharing gifts with vulnerable children in the Ajah community. Particularly impactful was the collaboration with St. Saviors, where these gifts of clothes, toys, and books were received. This collective effort went a long way in brightening the lives of the children, fostering smiles, and creating lasting memories in the hearts of those in need.

DashMe Spreads Christmas Cheer to the Foundation of the Disabled with Clothes and Toys

DashMe not only spread Christmas cheer to Dreamland Foundation for the Disabled by providing them with clothes and toys but also experienced the heartwarming joy of meeting wonderful children. Witnessing their delight and excitement upon receiving these gifts was truly a joy to behold, reinforcing the spirit of generosity and making the holiday season brighter for all involved.

A New Haven of Hope: Construction of Last Hope Faith Orphanage Home

    Last Hope has dedicated extensive efforts to fundraising for the completion of their new orphanage home, a crucial space for their expanding family. With our support, we not only contributed to the roofing and finishing touches but also played a part in creating a haven for their growing family. This endeavor represents a shared commitment to providing a safe and nurturing environment for the children under the care of Last Hope, ensuring a brighter and more secure future for each member of their ever-expanding family.

A Mission School for Jesus Kids Orphanage

We proudly donated towards the construction of a new mission school for Jesus Kids, taking a significant step in fulfilling our commitment to supporting vulnerable children. We successfully erected two classroom blocks within the school premises as part of this endeavor. This initiative marks a crucial milestone in advancing our mission to offer a well-rounded education that empowers and uplifts these children, fostering a brighter future these children