Please read this document carefully before commencing the application process. This will help save time and avoid submission of applications that are unlikely to succeed. Funds are limited and the demand for our support is significant. Whilst there are many excellent projects, we seek to prioritise work that is aligned to our core objectives.

Our Impact Partners

DashMe Foundation attains its mission of impacting the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children, victims of domestic violence and youth through a carefully screened network of charities and voluntary groups. We refer to this group collectively as our ‘Impact Partners’.


DashMe Foundation is firmly committed to maximising the impact of all funds raised on the lives of the ultimate beneficiaries. We therefore demand value for money, transparency and accountability. Accordingly, our standards are high, our processes are thorough and robust. Our policy is non negotiable, because the funds we deploy are raised from the public due to their trust in us and we owe it to them to ensure funds get to where they achieve the highest impact. We call this ‘Donor Assurance’ and we have an active policy of ‘following the funds’. Our monitoring processes operate before, during and after the period of funding.

The following factors are prioritised in our application review process

  • Alignment with our core objectives
  • Track record
  • Corporate Governance
  • Accountability and Transparency

This is a summary of the most frequently asked questions

Who can apply for a grant?

Our trustees are keen to spare charities the wasted time and costs involved in applying when there is no prospect of success. Grants that represent more than 30% of an organisations previous year’s income are unlikely to be made. We rarely fund charities that have less than 2 years track record, what is most important in an application is to be able to demonstrate clear deliverables on the lives of beneficiaries in a cost efficient manner.


You may also like to refer to our website which should give you more of an idea of both the type of organisations supported and the amounts awarded.

What we do not fund

Please note that we DO NOT fund unsolicited applications from charities whose annual income exceeds N30, 000,000. We will also NOT fund applications from the following:

  • Individuals in any capacity
  • Requests for vehicles
  • New projects or pseudo commercial projects
  • Over 25% of annual salary costs


We recognise that feeding costs are a basic expense of every orphanage and we do support feeding costs through our DashMe Feeding Fund (DFF) which provides staple food items at periodic intervals through the year. However, this is not our main focus, partly because, food costs are difficult to audit but more importantly, because we recognise that feeding provision is an area that many members of the public support individually. The type of expenditure that we do support, includes, cost of essential equipment, power supplies, building repairs, beds, and furniture. We can also help with basic clothing, school uniforms, educational fees, examination and admission fees, as well as certain health insurance and medical costs.

Our Application Process

The first stage of our process is a basic data screening. This allows us to understand your organisation and what it does, its size, structure and governance. We also obtain a high level indication of how you want DashMe Foundation to support your work.

We evaluate the data supplied, based on our policy guidelines. We may then request further information from those groups that meet our criteria. This second stage of the process entails a detailed application form, the provision of a range of supporting documents, a video interview and physical site visits.


Based on the application, management will summarise their findings and write their recommendations to the Board of Trustees, who give final approval. The Board of Trustees meet quarterly to consider eligible applications.  Approvals are subject to the availability of funds and it is not unusual for a perfectly eligible application to be deferred pending funding availability. At each stage of the process, we will keep you informed. Typically you should expect the process to take 4-6 months.


Once a project has been approved, the organisation will be required to execute a formal legal agreement with regards to the use of the funds and a commitment to submit to our monitoring process.

Donor Assurance - following the funds

This is a critical part of the work DashMe Foundation does. As part of the application process, we would have scrutinised your planned use of the funds, to ensure that they provide value for money and attain the expected impact.  At the approval stage, we will agree a draw down plan with agreed milestones. We will then monitor the implementation via the requirement for regular reports, videos and photographic evidence as well as planned and unannounced visits.


We collect data on the performance of all our projects, which is shared with the Trustees and also publicised.

Why does the application ask about conflicts of interest?

Best practice is that Board of Trustees or Directors be independent and this gives some assurance that decisions will be made without any dominant influence and thus funds will be protected. However we recognise that, in practice most charities and orphanages are started by family teams or related parties. So we seek to ensure that the governance structures work effectively to protect donors funds and to mitigate risks associated with conflicts if interest.

Why does the application ask about safeguarding?

Our focus is to support groups that work directly with children and minors. We therefore expect that those we support have in place procedures to promote the welfare and well-being of children, young people and vulnerable adults, and to protect them from harm, abuse and neglect.


The trustees of an organisation have the primary responsibility for safeguarding beneficiaries, staff and volunteers, and must take all the necessary steps to ensure that their organisation is operating in a safe and secure environment. This includes: staff and volunteers receiving appropriate training and support to prevent safeguarding issues arising, or to spot signs of abuse; robust procedures for reporting abuse in a timely and objective manner, and clear accountability structures, including a named contact for any safeguarding issues.


DashMe Foundation takes the safeguarding of children and adults at risk seriously and we expect organisations applying for our funding to have a safeguarding policy which is up-to-date and relevant to their beneficiaries. Those who do not may still apply but must provide a detailed and time based road map by which a full safeguarding policy will be put in place. DashMe Foundation intends to support development of safeguarding policies through workshops that will be provided periodically.

Why does the application ask for financial information?

Financial information is an important indicator of the strength and the manner in which the organisation handles funds. This is an important information that we use as part of our assessment process.

Is the information we provide confidential?

Yes we only share information on a need to know basis and we only publish financial information that relates to funds from DashMe.