DashMe Gave:



Lifesource Orphanage.




A ‘Home school project’ that will improve educational outcomes for 10 residents, who will receive educational support.

The grant will cater for the monthly wages of the residential home-school teacher for a year as well as covering some medical expenses and providing needed equipment for the home school. Home-schooling is particularly important during the COVID lockdown period with many parents’ home schooling their children. These children, who are not living with parents but are in our orphanage, must not be left behind. This is the motivation for the Home School project.

This also empowers the teacher who in return is motivated and passion driven.


DashMe Foundation contributes to Life Source Orphanage.


Through this, we will continue to give the 10 children in our care educational support by building a solid foundation that will give them hope for a better and brighter future’

Lifesource Orphanage: Our children say a big thank you!